A Brief History of New Haven Comics

My name is Aaron Walther and I am the founder and creator of New Haven Comics. 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of my foray into comic writing so now seems as good as any time to detail how it all started and why you are not likely to see much work published under the “New Haven Comics” label in the future.

It's really not that complicated of a story. A quick TL,DR version would simply read as “My friends and I started the New Haven Comics website as a digital hub to feature our creator owned comics, starting with Zero's Heroes and The Celestial. Over time, the group did not keep up the initial ambition and the comics we made were abandoned or produced sporadically.”

That really is the gist of it, but if you're interested in a few other details about the specific work we were doing, then you can read on.

It all really started several years before our first comic script was ever written. I and my friends spent most of our weekends playing Role Playing Games. We dabbled in mainstream games like Dungeons & Dragons and even Vampire: The Masquerade, but over time we got comfortable making up our own games and settings. Everything from Westerns, James Bond style spy settings, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, post apocalyptic, and yes, even Superheroes. The superhero games were the most fun to play, and definitely the most fun to creator characters for. Almost all of the characters that appeared in Zero's Heroes and The Celestial were created during these games.

Over time, the gaming stopped, but I had enjoyed the creativity of creating characters and writing stories so I took the leap and tried my hand at creating real comics. I convinced my friend, Tim Albaugh, to join me, and together we created the “New Haven Universe” which was mostly a parody of Marvel and DC comics. I started writing Zero's Heroes, which was a superhero comedy book, and Tim started writing The Celestial, which was more an action/drama book.

We hired and paid artists to draw the books, as well as a programmer to develop a website to host our webcomics. Looking back, it was painfully obvious that we barely knew what we were doing, but we were ambitious and we actually succeeded in publishing comics for several years.

I'm incredibly grateful to the handful of regular readers we picked up over he years and it tears me up to think that we couldn't deliver on the stories we were promising. Unfortunately, our ambitions far outweighed our abilities. Simply put, the costs of publishing the books became too burdensome and snuffed out most of the initial creative spark.

But this is not a eulogy for New Haven Comics, per se. Although, you may notice that the website has been taken down and now reroutes to my personal website, you will notice that I am still writing and self publishing comics. I am still publishing The Amoral Stingray (albeit slowly), and I will soon be starting a brand new Wreck-Lass solo graphic novel with Zero's Heroes colorist, Sara Rude. I enjoy writing Zero's Heroes quite a lot and will definitely make more Zero's Heroes comics in the future, but at this point in time I have other projects that take priority over it.

New Haven Comics, as a publisher and website host, never really took off the way it needed to and I think it's better to focus on newer and better things. Indeed, the internet, technology, and even the comics landscape has changed quite a bit in the last ten years. Things like Kickstarter, Patreon, Twitter, and Tapastic did not exist when we published our first comic.

You can always find information about all the comics I'm working on right here at aaronwalther.com. Likewise, all the old Zero's Heroes and The Celestial comics will always be available to download in high quality pdf's. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, or anywhere I might turn up. I have lots of great things coming out this year with a slew of amazing artists and I can't wait for everyone to see them.


-Aaron Walther